SARIT at the Aurora Electric Vehicle Showcase

Come and test drive the future of urban mobility

Come experience and discuss the locally made SARIT vehicle at Aurora Electric Vehicle Showcase

Sunday May 7, 2023 (Rain or Shine!)

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Are you ready for an electrifying experience? The Aurora Electric Vehicle Showroom is once again hosting SARIT, the revolutionary micro-mobility vehicle by Frank Stronach, founder of Magna and Stronach International. This cutting-edge, eco-friendly vehicle is set to transform the way we commute and navigate urban landscapes. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to test drive SARIT on our micro-mobility test track and learn more about this Aurora innovation.

Experience SARIT

SARIT (Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport) is the brainchild of Frank Stronach, a renowned entrepreneur and automotive visionary. This compact, electric vehicle is designed to tackle urban traffic congestion and promote sustainable transportation in cities worldwide. Its compact design, energy efficiency, and advanced safety features make SARIT the perfect solution for environmentally conscious drivers seeking a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation.

Come experience the locally made SARIT vehicle at the Aurora EV Showcase
Experience the locally made SARIT vehicle at the Aurora EV Showcase, free test drive at the micro-mobility test track.

At the Aurora Electric Vehicle Showroom, you will have the unique opportunity to test drive SARIT on a specially designed micro-mobility test track. Experience first-hand the smooth handling, incredible agility, and unmatched efficiency that this innovative vehicle has to offer. Whether you’re zipping through traffic or navigating tight parking spots, SARIT has you covered.

We’re also excited to announce that Daniel Lajeunesse, VP of Micro-Mobility with Stronach International, will be on site to answer any questions you may have about SARIT and the future of micro-mobility. As an industry expert, Daniel is well-versed in the latest advancements in electric vehicles and the growing demand for more sustainable transportation options.

See you in Aurora

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the micro-mobility revolution. Join us at the Aurora Electric Vehicle Showroom to test drive SARIT and explore the future of sustainable urban transportation. With the perfect blend of innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility, SARIT is driving us towards a cleaner, greener future.

Visit the Aurora Electric Vehicle Showroom today and let SARIT introduce you to the future of micro-mobility!

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