Mobility Evolved.


1/4 Sized

As any 4 SARITs fit in a regular parking space, mini and micro-mobility vehicles not only improve congestion and parking issues, but also have a significantly positive impact on the environment, and the power grid.

A modern ebike solution, in a Covered safety cage

And It’s FUN

All the convenience of e-bikes and e-scooters, with all the benefits a vehicle.

Meet our SARIT models


Choose from numerous amazing, vibrant colours. Pick the one which matches your taste and personally.

Each vehicle is equipped with locking doors, locking trunk, speedometer, and disk brakes on every wheel.

The SARIT can travel up to 100km/60mi per charge

Up to 100Km (60mi) range

Charge a SARIT for less than a $1

Full charge for less than $1

The SARIT is a 4 season, all weather micro-mobility solution.

4 season, all weather design



The SARIT G-Puma is an LSV vehicle based on the SARIT platform. The G-Puma has near identical sizing to the MMV, maintaining the SARIT mandate of reducing smog, congestion, and parking concerns while being affordable and safe.

*Pre-production model

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The Last Mile Delivery Solution

Introducing the SARIT ElGizmo, a cutting-edge micro-mobility vehicle designed to revolutionize last-mile delivery, fleet operations, and maintenance support. Our agile and eco-friendly ElGizmo seamlessly navigates congested urban landscapes, minimizing time spent in traffic while reducing overall traffic impact. This innovative solution is perfect for businesses seeking efficiency, cost reduction, and a smaller carbon footprint. Enhance your delivery times, improve staff mobility, and drive sustainability with the SARIT ElGizmo – the future of urban transportation is here!

See it in action.

Built for your urban lifestyle

Learn More

Let Cassandra and Jean answer all your question

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Double the FUN

Take the doors off on a warm day and go alfresco!

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Ride like a bike

Ride your SARIT where you would a bicycle. Benefit from greater safety and protection from the elements.

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Urban Delivery

As congestion continues, urban delivery has increased in support of changing shopping habit. SARIT ElGizmo helps solve that problem.

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