We all want to help build a better world. With SARIT, now we can.

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With the zero-emission SARIT, we can reduce air pollution and save precious non-renewable resources.  

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Power Requirements

SARITs require significantly less power than of electric vehicles, minimizing the impact on the power grid.  

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SARIT is a powerful and effective solution to unclog our gridlocked highways.  

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SARIT could dramatically reduce traffic jams and cut the amount of time it takes to travel to and from work.  

SARIT stands for “Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport.”

The SARIT is designed to help you get around safely and congestion-free. It can go anywhere a bike can go and is small enough to take advantage of city bike lanes and parking. It’s also great for short urban trips, picking up groceries and running errands.

Together, we can make our cities healthier, cleaner & greener.

Millions of North Americans are stuck in traffic jams every day driving to and from work. Drivers in large cities waste an estimated 2-4 hours every day stalled in traffic. And drivers trapped in daily traffic jams face increased stress, reduced quality of life, and greater exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes – all factors that are harmful to their health. 

That’s why the SARIT is designed with two fundamental principles of sustainable transportation in mind: zero fossil fuels and maximum efficiency.